Hey Everyone,

On this website you can earn yourself free game memberships for a bunch of different game such as Animal Jam, Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters and more. These membership codes can range all the way from one month cards to full year long member account codes depending on what you redeem your points for when you have them! Earn your 2021 free membership codes today!

The way it works is very simple and just about anyone can use it to get your a game membership without having to hack or use a cheat for one! Also it works for every country around the world! It doesn’t matter if your in the united states, canada, mexico, the uk, sweden, india, or anywhere you can think of. To get started you just need to click the link below!

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1) You can get access to all a lot more things within the games that free members just don’t have access to!

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We are able to give away these memberships for free because our advertisers pay us for having you signup on the website! Then we use that money to buy the cards and give them to you guys! So you can thank our advertisers for paying for everything and just enjoy the benefits of having that account you always wanted.

If you guys have any other items or gifts you want us to add to the website just leave a comment and let us know. Our team will pick the most recommended items and add them to the website so you can earn those as well. It’s best if it’s something we can just send you through email (like a code) but we also will provide real life items like puffle toys or games if you would rather have that.

What are you waiting for! Let’s get started!

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