Step 1: If you haven’t already registered to, do so now.

Step 2: Go to the “Members” tab on the navigation menu and scroll down to “Dashboard” and click this link.

I know this image is from our old site but it works the same way!

Step 3: On this page you will find where it says “Referral Link”. Copy this link and put it somewhere safe. You can post this link on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other place you want. When someone clicks on this link, registers and completes offers on the website you will be rewarded points.

For example, if someone clicks on your link, registers and earns 1000 points, you would get an additional 100 points credited to your account. So if you got 10 friends to sign up and they each earned 1000 points, you would get 1000 points credited to your account without having to do anything! Pretty cool huh?

Remember than until you register, you will not see this link on the Dashboard page! So what are you waiting for? Go get all of your friends to sign up!

Own a website or a blog?!

We also made banners that you can use on your website or blog. Just copy and paste the code provided into your websites html section or text widget and start earning points today!

These banner codes will not show until you are registered on the site! So do not be discouraged by the image above.