Secret Builder Membership

Are you looking to get a free membership for Secret Builders for 2017?! If you play Secret Builders and you do not have a membership, then you probably know that the kids playing the game as a member get a ton of stuff within the game that you do not.

That’s what we are here for. At Free “Come Play” Memberships, you can earn a free membership for the Secret Builders game in no time at all! The three memberships that you can earn are listed below:

  • 1 month which originally costs $5.95
  • 6 month which originally costs $19.95
  • 1 year which originally costs 29.95

Now look how expensive those memberships are! Starting earning your way towards any of them right now by signing up on our site!

So what exactly does a membership for Secret Builders get you? Well, there are plenty of membership benefits to talk about! See below for a list of a bunch of them.

  1. Access to SuperBuilder only areas within the game that non-members are not allowed at
  2. Access to SuperBuilder only items that only members can earn and buy
  3. 1200 gold coins or SuperShills every single month you are a member
  4. 20,000 silver coins or Shills every single month that you are a member
  5. The ability to earn all of the medals within the game
  6. See all of the content like fun and exciting educational videos that the Secret Builders website releases
  7. Ability to upgrade your home
  8. The ability to convert your silver coins into gold coins whenever you want
  9. Allowance of atleast an additional 500 gold coins every month you are a member

Now look at all of the cool stuff you get when you are a member of the Secret Builders game! Why would you not want to try and earn a membership with us to play this game for free as a SuperBuilder?!

Get started today by signing up with us and have your membership by tomorrow!