IMVU Free VIP Club Membership

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Once you have signed up and your account is created, all you need to do is go to your dashboard. This is where we will show you the offers available in your region in order to get the points we are referring to above. If you would like a better idea on how to earn more points, you can go ahead and read our earn points guide. There are a ton of offers available in which you can choose but you must be careful! Certain offers are only available in certain areas and if you complete one that is not for your area, then the points will most likely not be awarded to your account! To make sure you do get all of the points you deserve, please be sure to read and completely follow all the steps for each offer.


Free IMVU Memberships

As you probably know, you can play IMVU completely for free. However, without a VIP Club Membership, you cannot take advantage of all the great things the game has to offer! Here are some things that a VIP Member gets that a standard member does not:

  • Get 5,000 Free Credits per month credited to your account
  • Get 5% off of everything available in the online catalog
  • Get 10% off of all badges
  • For everything month you stay a VIP Member, you get more free credits
  • Enjoy upgraded dress-up and closet control features
  • Earn Credits by creating and selling your own items
  • Create up to 10 chat rooms which is a $300 value
  • Create up to 10 groups
  • “Guest_” from your name will be removed for as long as you are a VIP Member
  • Get an exclusive VIP badge that only members receive
  • Much more

Depending on the length of your IMVU VIP membership it could cost you anywhere from $9.99/month to $75/year. This can get pretty expensive for just playing an online game especially if you play in spurts like we do! This is the exact reason that Free “Come Play” Memberships has grown to become so popular. Our goal is to save you money and we do that by giving away free memberships. Not only can you earn your way to a Free IMVU VIP Membership, but on our site we also give away memberships on a monthly basis! Check our Facebook page to sign up!

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