Fantage Memberships

Want to get a free Fantage membership for 2017? Of course you do! That is why we allow you to earn one on our site. Fantage is one of the most popular virtual world for kids.

In Fantage, you can hang out with your friends and chat, play free mini games of all sorts, customize your avatar to your liking, collect a vast amount of pets, and even go on missions and save the Fantage world.  Heard enough yet? Sign up today to earn Fantage Membership or keep reading!

Of course, without a membership for Fantage, you are limited as to what you can do within the game. This keeps you from having as much fun as the premium members are having. So what does a premium member get that a free member does not?

As a Premium Member of Fantage you have access to great perks and features including

  1. A registration bonus of 1000 stars
  2. A weekly allowance of 400 stars
  3. Unlimited inventory for creatures
  4. Member only access to servers
  5. Double the amount of gold that free members get
  6. Double the amount of ecoins that free members get
  7. Access to premium members only items such as rare creatures and items
  8. Deluxe rooms for your avatar

Don’t all of the perks just make you want to get a premium Fantage membership right now!?

If you are not a premium member on Fantage, you still get things like a standard room for your avatar, free stars but less than premium members, and creatures but only a limited amount!

There are 3 different membership subscriptions that Fantage offers to its premium members! These are as follows:

  • 1 month – 7.95/month – 5000 free gold
  • 6 month – 6.65/month – 30000 free gold
  • 12 month – 5.00/month – 60000 free gold

Obviously you can see that the year long membership is the best value and if you earn enough points, you can get that one! Earning points toward a Fantage premium membership is easy. There are a few different ways you can do it! See this awesome guide for a start.

Check out our “How it works” page for all of the info! When you are ready, go ahead and sign up to start earning points towards your Fantage premium membership today!