Club Penguin Membership

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CLub-Penguin Memberships

After you set up an account, sign into your dashboard to find out what offers are available for you. You can also read our earn points guide. There are many different offers that you can choose from to earn free points. Each country is different so make sure you select which country you are from as well. Make sure to read and follow all the steps completely for each offer or you will not get the points.

Taking surveys are the easiest so we recommend that you star with them first. From our experience, surveys and game downloads are the easiest ways to get free points; however, you don’t get as many points as you would with some of the harder offers.

Free Club Penguin Memberships

You can play Club Penguin without a membership but you really don’t get to take full advantage of all the game features it has to offer. With a membership you can access any part of the map, purchase exclusive items like clothes, house decorations etc and get to collect puffles. Don’t get us wrong there are many more features as well that you will get too.

Depending on the length of your membership they will cost you anywhere from five dollars a month to eight dollars. This can get pretty expensive, especially for young kids like yourselves. That is why our website is so popular! Our visitors come to us for help on getting a free membership and all you have to do is sign up and start earning points right now.

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