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About National Geographics Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a virtual playground for kids looking for fun and adventure. In Jamaa, the Animal Jam world, users can take part in adventures with friends or by themselves, play mini games, collect and raise pets, or just hang out with friends. Whatever you feel like doing within the game, you can pretty much do it!

Animal Jam is considered an MMOVW or massively multiplayer online virtual world and first appeared online in 2010 and had record growth in 2013. Did you know that at first there were only 6 virtual animals that could be created within the game? These included the following: panda, rabbit, tiger, wolf, koala, and monkey.

Players of Animal Jam use an in game currency called gems which can be obtained by simply playing parts of the game and taking part in seasonal activities. There is also a currency called sapphires which can only be obtained through the daily spin, purchasing a membership or making purchases at the Animal Jam Outfitters.

Animal Jam does offer a free to play version of the game which is great! However, if you play Animal Jam and you are not a premium member, you are limited as to what you can actually do within the game. That is why we allow you to earn a free membership here!

Animal Jam Membership Benefits 2017

What kind of memberships does Animal Jam have? Well they sell 3 different memberships including a 1 month, a 6 month, and a 12 month. See below for process and perks with each membership!

  • 1 month – $6.95 and 1500 free gems
  • 6 months – $29.95 and 9000 gems with 25 diamonds instantly
  • 12 months – $57.95 and 25000 gems with 60 diamonds instantly

Now that you know what you get with the membership, let’s see the perks of actually being a premium member.

  1. A weekly gift from Animal Jam of diamonds (could be any amount)
  2. Ability to adopt all of the virtual pets and even customize them
  3. Complete access to every single animal within Jamaa
  4. Access to all accessories within Animal Jam as well as the Dens
  5. Exclusive access to Member-Only parties and adventures

Along with the perks and features listed above, all Animal Jam players get to make new friends, play mini games to earn gems, have around the clock moderation for safe play and free advertising!

Free Animal Jam Membership Codes & Cards

Did you know that Animal Jam not only offers memberships but also gift cards for Diamonds, Gems, and a ton of other things!? Take a look below for a list of things you could earn or win on our website but simply signing up!

  • Free 75 Diamond Gift Certificate
  • Free 25 Diamond Gift Certificate
  • Free 100,000 Gem Gift Certificate
  • Free 25,000 Gem Gift Certificate
  • Free 10,000 Gem Gift Certificate
  • Free Diamonds & Gems Gift Certificate

All of the above mentioned items can be won as a card or by code that is simply emailed to you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to start earning points towards your free Animal Jam membership!

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