What is FreecpMemberships.com?

FreecpMemberships.com is an incentive based rewards site that rewards users with Free Game Memberships in exchange for downloading and playing games or completing offers from our advertisers. Free CP memberships stands for Free “Come Play” Memberships.


If I mark the offer as complete without actually finishing the offer, what will happen?

If you do this, you will not be awarded any points and the offer will disappear ruining your chances to gain those points for your account. Do not do this! It could get you banned if we believe you are trying to game the system.


Are you really giving away Game Memberships for free? How?

Yes! Our sponsors will pay just for you to participate in their surveys and offers. That is why we are able to give you memberships when you redeem your points!


How does it work?

1. Sign Up: It takes less than 30 seconds. We even give you 50 free points just for Joining!

2. Earn Points: Play games or complete fun and easy surveys from our sponsors and earn Points.

3. Get Free Memberships: Trade in your Points for a Free Game Membership for the game of your choice!


Is there a Referral system?

Yes! Earn 10% commission on every person you refer. Every time your referrals earn Points, you do too!


Why is my offer still pending / reversed?

Here are some possible reasons:

You entered Fake/ Bogus information while completing the offer
You did not fully complete the offers requirements.
You did not match the advertiser’s targeted demographic.
Your cookies are not enabled.


Why can’t I place an order for a specific membership?

The place order button will automatically popup when you have enough Points to earn a specific membership!


How do I get rewarded points for liking you on Facebook or Following you on twitter?

You need to first click the Facebook or Twitter links on the “Earn Points” page and then mark them as complete after you have liked us or followed us.

If you do not do it this way you will not be awarded any points.


Why was my account banned?

You violated the Terms of service. Contact us if you wish to appeal.


I completed an offer. Why have I not been awarded the points for it?

If you have actually completed an offer and have not received the points for that offer, don’t worry, it sometimes takes time to verify that you actually completed it and then we will award you the points accordingly.


How Can I contact FreecpMemberships.com?

Shoot us an e-mail!