Looking to earn some points and start your way to receiving that free game membership of your choice!?

If you are not already registered, do so now.

If you are not already logged in, do so now.

Step 1: From the homepage, go to “Members” > “Earn Points” within the Navigation Menu.


Step 2: Once on the “earn points” page, read the two paragraphs found at the top of this page.

Step 3: Specify your search terms

Make sure you the country you are from. This is a must!


Step 4: Scroll through the offers available for your country.

Step 5: Click on the offer and complete it. (Make sure you fully complete the offers to get credit for them)

Step 6: Mark the offer as complete when you have finished it. (If you did it correctly, your points will be awarded to you shortly)


Step 7: Repeat steps 4 – 6 as many times as you want for the offers available in your country.